06 May 2022

Icelandair's TF-FIC

Icelandair's TF-FIC "Magni" (c/n 30735, l/n 931), their Abercrombie & Kent logo jet 757-23N, has made a stop at HNL from BFI as ICE1408. This flight, which originated from KEF, is part of the around-the-globe charter flight that Abercrombie & Kent are known for.

30735's History:
Jun 2000: Delivered to American Trans Air as N526AT (f/n 526).
Mar 2003: Airline re-brands as ATA Airlines.
Feb 2006: Acquired by GECAS, and leased to VIM Airlines as EI-LTY.
Jly 2008: Leased to Aurela as LY-SKJ.
Mar 2011: Acquired by Icelandair as TF-FIC.
May 2011: Operated for the United Nations.
Mar 2012: Leased to Air Niugini.
Apr 2014: Returned to Icelandair.

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