02 September 2022

N191WS And N193WS Ferry Flights

Two former Wing Spirit Hawai‘i Honda HA-420 HondaJets are being ferried from HNL to Japan, as their lessor is reclaiming the bizjets as part of Wing Spiritʻs bankruptcy. N191WS (msn 42000155) and N193WS (msn 42000160) are making a series of island-hopping ferry flights from HNL across the South Pacific, due to its short range (1,100 nm).

14 Sep 2022 UPDATE
Both N191WS and N193WS were ferried to the Honda Jet USA plant at GSO, and not Japan. The routing was HNL, CXI, PPG, VLI, BNE, CNS, DRW, DPS, SZB, DMK, CCU, AMD, DWC, CAI, VIE, PIK, RKV, YFB, YUL, and GSO.

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