21 November 2022

Maui Invitational Team Charters

Seven of the eight teams playing in this year's Maui Jim Maui Invitational college basketball tournament arrived on team charters at OGG from their respective cities. The teams arrived on Friday and Saturday for the three-day tournament, 21-23 Nov, in Lahaina that began today. The San Diego State Aztecs may have taken a commercial flight from SAN to OGG, and will return via commercial flight. It's possible, that the Aztecs may have shared the flight with Creighton.

18 Nov 2022
Louisville Cardinals: SCX8610 [SDF-OAK-OGG] aboard N805SY, 737-8Q8.
Texas Tech Red Raiders: OAE9675 [LBB-OGG] aboard N342AX, 767-328ER.
Arkansas Razorbacks: OAE9819 [AFW-OGG] aboard a 767-224ER.
Ohio State Buckeyes: SCX8637 [CMH-OAK-OGG] aboard N819SY, 737-86N.

19 Nov 2022
Creighton Blue Jays: SCX8625 [OMA-SAN-OGG] aboard N801SY, 737-8Q8.
Arizona Wildcats: OAE9929 [TUS-OGG] aboard a 767-224ER.
Cincinnati Bearcats: SCX8649 [CVG-OAK-OGG] aboard N821SY, 737-8FH.

23 Nov 2022 UPDATE
The teams will return following the end of the tournament:
23 Nov 2022
Arkansas Razorbacks: OAE9901 [OGG-XNA] aboard a 767-224ER.

24 Nov 2022
Texas Tech Red Raiders: OAE9978 [OGG-LBB] aboard a 767-224ER.
Louisville Cardinals: SCX8604 [OGG-OAK-SDF] aboard N805SY, 737-8Q8.
Ohio State Buckeyes: SCX8638 [OGG-OAK-CMH] aboard N820SY, 737-8FH.
Cincinnati Bearcats: SCX8648 [OGG-OAK-CVG] aboard N821SY, 737-8FH.
Creighton Blue Jays: SCX8626 [OGG-SAN-OMA] aboard N801SY, 737-8Q8.
Arizona Wildcats: OAE88 [OGG-TUS] aboard a 767-224ER.

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