03 December 2023

Southern Airways Express Ferries Its 3 P2012s To HNL

Southern Airways is having its three Tecnam P2012 Travelers from GUM, where that had been in storage since the shutdown of the Marianas Southern Air venture in April 2023. N401CJ (msn 049/US), N503SA (msn 041/US), and N504SA (msn 048/US) all departed GUM for MAJ on 21 Nov 2023.

 N401CJ and N504SA are making their flights from MAJ today, while N503SA remains at MAJ.

These P2012s will be integrated into the Southern / Mokulele operations here is Hawai‘i, as some of the Mokulele C208Bs are due for maintenance.

07 Dec 2023 UPDATE
N503SA is making its ferry flight today. All 3 P2012s will be parked on the Magnum Helicopters ramp.


Fred Sorenson said...

All three aircraft were ferried from Guam to Honolulu by Flight Contract Services Inc. Althought FCS is now based in Las Vegas, it was started in Hawaii in 1973 and has remained owned by Fred Sorenson for the last 50 years. Over that time FCS has delivered and retrieved many of the aircraft flying in Hawaii today. The Tecnams required advance shipping of AVGAS to Majuro for the en route refuel stop. 37 barrels of fuel were required to supply the three airplanes in Majuro.

Blue Wave 707 said...

Mahalo Fred! 🤙🏼