18 May 2024


NASA is flying N926NA (msn 63-13503A), their Martin WB-57A Canberra weather research aircraft from EFD [Johnson Space Center / Ellington Airport, Houston TX], via BAB [Beale AFB, Marysville, CA], that will make a stop at HNL, as NASA926, to perform weather test flights this coming week.

63-13503's History:
Originally designated by the US Air Force as 53-3974, and built as an RB-57D, then re-built as an RB-57F.
___ 1965: Assigned to the 6901st Reconnaissance Squadron.
___ 1966: Assigned to the 7407th Support Squadron.
___ 1968: Converted to a WB-57F, and assigned to the 58th Weather Reconnaissance Squadron.
Feb 1994: Decommissioned from the USAF, registered as N357AR for the National Science Foundation.
Feb 2003: Acquired by NASA as N926NA for its High Altitude Research Program.

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