18 October 2006

LearJet Blown Tire Closes Reef Runway

A LearJet 31, N178NP, owned by Carolex Air LLC, (msn 178) blew a tire on its take-off roll down Runway 8R, closing it for almost 30 minutes. State Airports / Department of Transportation crews were dispatched to inspect, and clear the Reef Runway. N178NP continued on to MCE (Merced,CA), after the pilots reported the LJ31 may have blown a tire.

Two heavy jets, a UPS 767-34AERF (top, N316UP, c/n 27744) as UPS902 to ONT, and a China Airlines 747-409 (B-18275, c/n 24312) as CAL017 to NRT, were given the option to depart from Runway 8L, and took up the offer. Watching the CI 744 depart from 8L, reminded me of those pre-Reef Runway days. Some HNL RareBirds team memebers may be old enough to remember those days.

A Kalitta Air 747-100F (CKS718 to HKG), and a United 777-222ER (UAL833 to KIX) decided to wait out the clean up, and depart from 8R.

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