01 June 2008

Another HNL Blast From The Past

This time, a rare view of the John Rodgers airport and what is now called the south ramp. Four Pan Am 707s, a United DC-8, an Aloha DC-3 and two F-27's grace the ramp in front of the original iconic Honolulu Tower emblazoned with the word Aloha. This photo is circa 1960 - 1962.


OGGturbojets said...

Nice one. There's at least one Constellation up there in the background. I like the little "jet blast deflectors" by the fence. Not sure those would be of much help when that Mainliner goes out...

Blue Wave 707 said...

Great find!

It's too bad the state did not preserve that old terminal building, or at least the tower part.

I miss those loud, smoky 707s and DC-8s. The hum of those raidal engined props are missed too, save for Kamaka's Super DC-3 today.