13 March 2012

Atlas Air 767-38EER

A familiar paint scheme but not it was not the usual 747 today. N641GT (c/n 25132, l/n 417) a 767-38EER flew in from Nagoya, Japan this morning as GTI9792. Atlas Air acquired two 767s to be utilized for military charter flights.

25132 was originally delivered to Asiana Airlines (leased from ILFC) as HL7268 in February 2002. It was returned to ILFC in May 1998, and was re-leased by Asiana from November 1999 for five more years. In between the Asiana leases, it was leased by Air Europe (June 1998 - January 1999) and sub-leased to Air Afrique (February - October 1999) as EI-CPV. LAN Airlines was the next lessee, as CC-CIO, from December 2004 to November 2007. The 767 stayed in South America for its next lease to VARIG in December 2007 as PR-VAF. When VARIG was acquired by Gol, it was transferred into the Gol fleet in May 2009, but still with VARIG titles and branding. Atlas purchased 25132 from ILFC in June 2011.

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