03 March 2014

Governor Releases Funds For Projects

Hawai‘i Governor Neil Abercrombie released US$96 million for the new commuter terminal at HNL (US$50M), a complete repaving of Taxiway Z (US$35M), and the remaining US$16M for Neighbor Island airport projects.

The new Commuter Terminal will be built next to the far end of the Diamond Head Concourse, and will house Island Air, ‘Ohana by Hawaiian, Mokulele Airlines, and go!. When the new terminal is completed, and operations moved over, that will pave the way for the demolition of the old Commuter Terminal, and the construction of the Mauka Extension of the Inter-Island Terminal.

With the building of the new Commuter Terminal, nothing was mentioned on the fate of the North Hardstands. Those eight stands are used quite often.

Further details at the Hawai‘i Airports Modernization website.

A bit of HNL history ... The original location of the Commuter Terminal was very near to the location where the new terminal will be built. During the 1960s through the 1980s, airlines such as Princeville Airways (now Island Air), and Royal Hawaiian Air Service were the mainstays of the old Commuter Terminal, which the building is now part of the east bus lot.

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