03 March 2014


While doing a search on the FAA N-Number website, we came across N431LF (c/n 25372, l/n 2280), a 737-4Q8, is registered to Kahala US - 25372, LLC, here in Honolulu, and its certificate was issued in January 2014.  It has a new registration, N452KA, pending.

23572 was originally purchased by ILFC, and it was leased to Turkish Airlines [TK/THY] as TC-JDI "Ürgüp" in May 1992. The next lessee was Sky Airlines [ZY/SHY] (Turkey) in May 2002, as TC-SKD "Black Eagle". It was sub-leased to Air Algérie [AH/DAH] in October 2007 for four months. TC-SKD was returned to ILFC in July 2013, registered as N431LF, and stored at GYR. When Kahala Aviation acquired it, N431LF was ferried to DHN for freighter conversion by Commercial Jet Services.

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