09 December 2014


N979PG (c/n 26608, l/n 559), a 767-3S1ER is making its way from BKK to MEX, has made a stop at JRF, after a stop at SPN.

26608 was originally delivered to TACA International Airlines [TA/TAI] (El Salvador) in November 1994 as N769TA. It was leased to Avianca Colombia in the late 90s. It was also painted the current TACA livery. In May 2000, it went to Canadian Airlines International [CP/CDN] as C-GGBI (f/n CP650), and was transferred to the Air Canada fleet (f/n 650) after the latter acquired the former. It was also sold to Pegasus Aviation Finance Company (PAFCO), then leased back. In January 2004, it was leased to Alitalia as EI-DDW "Sebastiano Caboto". In March 2013, 22608 was sold to Sky Holding Company while in storage at MEX. In April 2013, it was leased to Business Air [8B/BCC] (Thailand) as HS-BIH, and returned in October 2014.

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