18 April 2018


N675AN (c/n 29425, l/n 817), a former American Airlines 757-223, is ferrying from VQQ [Cecil Field, Jacksonville, FL] to SZX [Shenzhen, China], via TUS [Tuscon, AZ], HNL and GUM, headed to join the SF Airlines fleet. It will be re-registered as B-1231.

29425 was originally delivered to American Airlines in August 1998 as N675AN (f/n 5EG). It had Blended Winglets installed in 2008, and flew with American until August 2015, where it was placed into storage at ROW [Roswell, NM]. In January 2017, it was sold to Jetran, and ferried six months later to VQQ for freighter conversion. After conversion, it was acquired by SF Airlines.

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