02 July 2019

Regent Airways' S2-AHC

Regent Airways [RX/RGE, Bangladesh] is returning S2-AHC (c/n 29360, l/n 1644), a 737-7V3, to it lessor AerCap, as it had been in storage at SXB since April. It arrived from GUM, and will overnight before it continues onto GYR.

29360 was originally delivered to ILFC in January 2005, and leased to Panama's Copa Airlines as HP-1528CMP. In May 2012, it was leased to Mongolia's Eznis Airlines as JU-9921. When it was returned to ILFC as N171LF, it made a stop at HNL. In May 2014, it sold to AerCap, and leased to Regent Airways, and flew until April 2019.

07.04.19 Update
S2-AHC returned to HNL after its departure due to a technical issue.

07.13.19 Update
S2-AHC departed for GYR.

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