23 August 2022


The Bank of Utah is ferrying N2820 (c/n 28206, l/n 694), a 767-3Q8ER, from GYR to SIN for freighter conversion, with a stop HNL. After conversion, it will be leased to the DHL Group.

28206's History:
Mar 1998: Delivered to TransAero as N601LF "Oreol", under lease from ILFC.
Jun 1999: Leased to LAPA as LV-ZPL to Sep 2001.
Apr 2002: Leased to Southern Winds as TF-ARA, and subleased to Air Atlanta Icelandic for a month.
Mar 2004: Leased to LAN Chile as CC-CML.
Nov 2008: Subleased to LAN Ecuador as HC-CGZ for 2 years.
May 2014: Sold to AerCap, and lease transferred.
May 2016: LAN merges with Brazil's TAM to become LATAM.
Aug 2018: Leased to LATAM Argentina as LV-ZYV.
Nov 2019: Leased to LATAM Chile as CC-CML.
Mar 2020: Withdrawn from service.
Dec 2020: Ferried to GYR for storage, and re-registered as N2820.
Aug 2021: Acquired by the Bank of Utah.

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