08 August 2022

Northern Air Cargo's N563WA

Elan Express has delivered Northern Air Cargo's N563WA (c/n 30563, l/n 786) from SIN to HNL following freighter conversion. According to sources, this 767-3BGERF, in the NAC livery, will remain at HNL. N563WA stopped at HNL on its way to SIN this past February.

It is being leased from Northwest Aviation Leasing (part of the Saltchuk Group). They have three more 767-3BGERs slated for conversion, with one going to Aloha Air Cargo, one to NAC, and one to Strat Air. N565WW recently ferried to QPG. The other two are N564WW (c/n 30564, l/n 798) and N566WW (c/n 30566, l/n 817).

30563's History:
Apr 2000: Delivered to Sobelair as OO-SLR.
Jan 2001: Sold to Deutsche Structured Finance and leased back.
Jly 2004: Leased to Hainan Airlines as B-2561.
Jun 2007: Leased to Ethiopian Airlines as ET-AMF.
Sep 2010: Sold to Automatic LLC, and lease transferred.
Feb 2014: Involved in hijacking by first officer.
Oct 2020: Withdrawn from service, and stored at GYR.
Dec 2020: Sold to Fortress Transportation as N563WA.
Jun 2021: Ferried to VCV for storage.
Aug 2021: Acquired by Northwest Aviation Leasing.
Feb 2022: Ferried to SIN for freighter conversion.

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