31 October 2023

Hawaiian Airlines To Extend A330 Leases

CH-Aviation.com reports that Hawaiian Airlines will extend the leases of four of its A330-243 fleet to offset the rotation of grounding of their A321-271N fleet due to the on-going issues with its PW1100 GTF engines. There are five A330s whose leases are set to expire next year, with the aircraft to be returned. It has yet to be determined which of the five will be lone A330 returned to its lessor.

Here are the five A330-243s:
N381HA "Makali‘i" (msn 1104, f/n 380) leased from Avolon.
N381HA "Hōkūle‘a" (msn 1114, f/n 381) leased from Macquarie Air Finance.
N382HA "Iwakeli‘i" (msn 1171, f/n 382) leased from Macquarie Air Finance.
N388HA "Nahiku" (msn 1310, f/n 388) leased from Doric Aviation.
N389HA "Keali‘iokonaikawela" (msn 1316, f/n 389) leased from Air Lease Corporation.

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