09 November 2023

Bonza's C-FLKC

Bonza Airline is wet-leasing C-FLKC (c/n 61807, l/n 7802, f/n 906) from Flair Airlines, and is wearing a hybrid livery. This 737-8 is making its ferry flight from YYC to OOL, with brief fuel stops at HNL and NAN, as FLE906.

In August, CH-Aviation reported that the two carriers will have a seasonal reciprocating wet-lease program in place, where one airline will send aircraft to the other during slow periods. Both Bonza and Flair have 777 Partners as major financial partners.

C-FLKC's History:
Jun 2021: Delivered to Flair Airlines, under lease from BOC.
Nov 2023: Subleased to Bonza Airline.

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