30 April 2007

"Forgetting Sarah Marshall" Features A Hawaiian Air 767

The production company of the upcoming feature film "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", leased a Hawaiian Air 767-300ER for the day while they were filming a scene at the Circle Rainbow Air Building. HA ground crews were moving around the 763 as if they were servicing the aircraft including moving the aircraft forward and back. The inside of the building was made to look like an airport terminal, and Hawaiian Air ticket counter. HA supplied N586HA "‘Ou", a 767-3G5ER (c/n 24259) for what is supposed to appear in the background of this airport scene. Here's the KGMB 9 article link. The producers must have paid a pretty penny to use a 767, and its support crew for this scene.

The flims stars Jason Segel ("How I Met Your Mother") and Kristen Bell ("Veronica Mars"). HA employees also filled in as extras as ... HA employees. The feature film is scheduled for a 2008 release.

According to HNL insiders, it was a task to move the 763 to that location, as the alleyway leading to Circle Rainbow was not designed for a large airliner to be moved to, or parked in that area. In the 90s, some airlines would park their delivery flights in this area, or fronting the Circle Rainbow hangar. Hainan Airlines and Japan TransOcean Airlines 737-400s were seen and photographed there.

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