17 December 2014

China Southern's N847TM

China Southern Airlines is returning one of their 737-76Ns to GECAS. N847TM (c/n 32583, l/n 994), is making its ferry flight from CAN (via GUM and HNL) to the mainland, and has been at HNL since the 14th. As you can see above, with all the zinc chromate green primer areas, there has been a lot of work done to this 737-700. There has been nothing noted if this airliner was involved in any kind of accident.

32583 was originally purchased by GECAS, and delivered in November 2001 as N583SF. It was leased to China Xinjiang Airlines as B-2698 in November 2001. When China Southern Airlines acquired China Xinjiang, B-2698 was transferred to the CSN fleet. It was returned to GECAS earlier this month.

01.05.15 Update
N847TM will be taken up by Southwest Airlines. The Dallas-based airline is in the process of acquiring unwanted 737-700s.


Anonymous said...

Know anything about the 2x China Southern 777-200s that have been parked for the last 24 hours or so?

Anonymous said...

There was a minor fuel x-feed issue with the aircraft. Reason why it only left yesterday morning.

Anonymous said...

Aircraft is now as of Dec 30 at KPAE in Washington State.